Technical ship supplies

Trading activities

Beside its specialist activities, CTC b.v. acts as a trading company for technical ship supplies. Being free and independant, CTC b.v. is able to supply materials and equipment at very competitive prices. CTC b.v. is capable of supplying equipment, tools, spare parts and stores (deck, engine, galley, cabin) on board vessel in most North Western European ports. Furthermore we can ship your orders to any port in the world by means of courier, airfreight, seafreight or truck transport at very competitive rates.


Tankcleaning services

From local market CTC b.v. supplies rigid tankcleaning hoses, chemical transfer hoses, eductors, pumps (a.o. Wilden membrane pumps), couplings and all other auxilliaries for tankcleaning.


Repair facilities

Repair and maintenance of tankcleaning machines and gasfreeing fans of various manufacturers such as Dasic, Toftejorg, Victor Pyrate, Gunclean, Cloud, Scanjet, Polarjet, Kappa, etc. Supply of spare parts for the abovementioned machines.


Supporting offices

CTC b.v. has supporting offices in Germany, Middle East, Spain, Singapore, India and Brazil.