Corrosion control

Portable grit blasting units and paint spraying equipment

The need for gritblasting small areas in an easy way has always been there. A unique solution to this is IBIMAR. IBIMAR gritblaster improves maintenance and economy, and has been taken into daily use by professional gritblasting companies, shipping- and offshore industries worldwide.

The IBIX range of ultra portable blast machines are designed with portability in mind. The unique IBIMAR range has low maintenance and can easily be taken into confined areas making it ideal for shipping and offshore industries.

The high grade aluminium construction makes the unit very light and at the same time robust. Wheels are fitted to allow the unit to be towed in a trolly form but the IBIX machines can also be operated like a back-pack.

Unlike conventional blast pots the IBIX units utilize a unique pistol style gun and nozzle arrangement which doubles as a deadman system for safety reasons.

Model IBIX/IBIMAR 13 – A compact, lightweight blast unit ideal for dealing with relatively small areas of corrosion, touch up work and an efficient upgraded replacement for needle guns. Typical compressed air consumption is 15 to 25 cfm at 100 psi.

Ibimar removes corrosion and cleans metals in a rapid, easy and professional way. Cleansing of welding seems, removal of slag and old paint gets better done, faster and more thoroughly with Ibimar than with most other surface treatments on the market.