Oily water separators

Oily water separators ranging from 0.25 to 5.0 cubm/hr complete with 15 ppm monitors. Available in steel (CS series) or stainless steel (VM series)

Victor Marine’s 80 years experience in providing solutions for bilge water treatment has incorporated the latest technology to ensure that their Oily Water Separators comply with IMO regulation MEPC 107 (49) introduced in January 2005.

Victor Marine can offer two Oily Water Separator models which use unique design features to set a standard above the rest:

  • No high speed moving parts which result in less maintenance and lower costs
  • No delicate expensive membranes
  • No hazardous chemicals, cleaning cycles or back-washing
  • Using unique AGM granular media refined to adsorb 60% of its weight in oil contaminants – increases the life of consumables minimising costs and maximising uptime
  • Fully Type Approved by Class Societies
  • Achieve less than 1ppm oil content under all stringent IMO tests
  • Simple operation requires no training for staff

Victor Marine maintain a worldwide network of agents who can provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service. For example, installation, commissioning, technical support, servicing and spares.

Victor Marine also offers ancillary equipment for its oily water separators.


CS Series OWS

The CS series Oily Water Separator is a compact design using the same technology as the VM series for use in smaller restricted engine rooms with a capacity range of 0.25m³/hr to 5.0m³/hr the CS series can handle heavy fuel oil, diesels and emulsified oils and achieves below 5ppm when tested by IMO.

CS ‘Lite’ Series OWS

The Victor MiniSep™ – CS ‘Lite’ Series is the latest addition to our range of Oily Water Separators (OWS). Specifically engineered to be lightweight for use on vessels where the weight of a standard OWS would be an issue such as fast attack craft. This model, constructed from 5083 grade Aluminium, offers a 30% weight saving over the standard CS model and is designed to fit the smallest of engine rooms while still maintaining reliable and cost-effective operation for shipboard engineers. The CS Lite can also be supplied with a range of certification and process options whereby our in-house engineering and testing facilities can advise customers on the appropriate solution for their particular requirements.

VM Series OWS

The VM Series Oily Water Separator uses a 3 stage process which achieves less than 1ppm when tested by IMO. Constructed from 316 stainless steel and mounted on a modular skid and has a capacity range of 0.5m³/hr to 4.2m³/hr which can handle heavy fuel oil, diesels and emulsified oil.


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