BilgeSafe Ship Flood Detection System For Watertight Spaces

BilgeSafe Ship Flood Detection System For Watertight Spaces

BilgeSafe combines a proven bilge pump switch with accurate tank monitoring to create a ship flood detection system for watertight spaces which meets SOLAS regulation II-1/22-1.

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BilgeSafe – a Ship Alarm Monitoring System for Flood Detection in Watertight Spaces

Simple to install and reliable in operation for safety critical applications

Ensuring passenger and vessel safety, PSM’s BilgeSafe flood detection system features our reliable and robust bilge level switch the BLS 9200, a proven bilge alarm that is in service in many thousands of applications, in conjunction with graphical and display units from the TankView 2200 product line

With stainless steel construction and an integral test handle, the BilgeSafe switch is fully submersible to IP68. In accordance with the SOLAS II-1/22-1 requirement, which requires passenger ships carrying more than 36 persons be fitted with a flood detection system for watertight spaces below the bulkhead deck, BilgeSafe is configured to be failsafe. Loss of power or communications to any detector, or cable break/ switch failure will result in an immediate bilge alarm warning. The flood detection system is powered from the ship’s primary supply and 24V DC emergency back up as required by the regulation.

For further information and technical details, please download our BilgeSafe Passenger Ship Flood Detection System datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Features
  • Detects and alarms water ingress in bilge, void and watertight spaces on ships and offshore installations
  • Meets the requirements of SOLAS Regulation II-1/22-1 applicable to passenger ships
  • Simple to install and operate with only one switch required per watertight space
  • Switches can be easily tested without external tooling or services required
  • Switches interface back to centrally mounted display and control panel
  • Constant self-checking of switches confirms system operational health
  • Optional Interface to ship’s data recording system