BMS4 Pneumatic Level Measurement System

BMS4 Multipoint Pneumatic Level Transmitter System

PSM’s bubbler level measurement system with 12 independent measurement channels provides a robust and reliable solution for level gauging on multi-tank marine installations with open or vented tanks.

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A complete system comprising of multipoint air control & measurement module, air handling unit and readout monitor

The level measurement principle of BMS4 is based on periodic purging (pulses) of compressed air from the system to the tank bottom through an air tube, with associated measurement of the steady state air back pressure in the tube. The back pressure is directly related to the head pressure of the liquid in the tank, and consequently for any known density of liquid, the level can be calculated.

A complete system comprises:

Air handling unit – a cabinet containing the filter and regulator components required to condition the incoming compressed air supply

Multi-point pneumatic transmitter module – an integrated unit for air pulsing into the tubes, providing back pressure measurement and calculation of level, with pressure sensors for up to 12 measurement channels (tanks) per unit

Monitor – Receives the measurement output from the transmitter unit and provides a visual display of tank levels with associated functionality for alarms outputs and measurement retransmission

The system is suitable for measurement of flammable liquids and is certified for marine duty by many approval organisations.

Key Features
  • Supplied as a complete system engineered and configured for each application
  • Works with any liquid of known density and is independent of temperature and viscosity
  • Adaptive pulse operation reduces air consumption
  • Built-in periodic zero self calibration of pressure sensors
  • Automatic monitoring for leaks
  • Self purging of air tubes for protection from contamination and freezing
  • Back-up pressure sensor for continuous operation if the main sensor fails
  • Advanced functionality of HMI Monitor provides level display, alarm handling and interface to other shipboard systems

For further information and technical details on our BMS4 bubbler system, please download the datasheet, the general arrangement drawing, our manual or contact us to discuss your requirements