HCG Hydrostatic Tank Contents Gauge

HCG Hydrostatic Tank Contents Gauge

The HCG series self powered hydrostatic contents gauge requires no external power source for operation and gives a continuous readout of the contents within a tank without the aid of batteries or hand pumps.


Header image for HCG Hydrostatic Tank Contents Gauge for marine tank measurement

Self powered contents gauges are economic and simple to install

HCG contents gauges are constructed with 316 stainless steel diaphragm, stainless steel or mild steel diaphragm sensor housing, a PVC sheathed copper micro bore pressure capillary and stainless steel indicator gauge.

Displacement of the diaphragm due to applied hydrostatic pressure is transferred via an inert gas filled capillary to the remotely positioned indicator. Each indicator is individually scaled and calibrated in customer requested units according to individual tank dimensions.

The capillary is heavy duty seamless copper mechanically protected by a fire retardant PVC sheathing compound, and can be supplied to a maximum of 20 meters in length.

Design simplicity is a key feature that reduces time and cost for installation.  Each unit is supplied with the required calibration and scale markings and requires no commissioning on-site.

A full range of sensor connection options are available including flanged, threaded running-nut and submersible designs.  These can be connect  directly with standard / existing tank fittings and can even be fitted to full tanks by means of non-return or isolating valves.

The indicator gauge can be positioned at any height above or below the sensor datum level point.  The HCG series is maintenance free and requires no routine calibration.

For further information and technical details, please download our DATASHEET, our MANUAL or contact us to discuss your requirements.

 Key Features
  • Self powered with no requirements for electrical or pneumatic power.
  • Simple to install with factory calibration for each application.
  • Stainless steel sensor construction ensures compatibility with common marine fluids such as fuel oil, seawater and bilge waste.
  • Robust construction provides reliable operation with no requirements for routine calibration or service.
  • A range of sensor mounting options, dial sizes & markings and capillary lengths.
  • Type approved for marine duty by the BV and DNV marine approval authorities and safe for installation in zone 0 flammable hazard areas.