Inclinometer (tilt angle measurement)

Solid State Inclinometers used as part of a Marine Tank Gauging System

Inclinometers are used to measure tilt angle (inclination) with respect to one fixed x, y or z axis. In marine tank gauging they are used to correct a tank content measurements for a vessel’s trim or heel either side of the 0° position.

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Accurate and reliable measurement with a direct Modbus connection into PSM’s TankView digital tank gauging system

A solid state absolute inclinometer that senses tilt angles over a full 360° range in a single axis, incorporating a number of novel design features to create an inclinometer that is rugged, compact, fast, flexible and easy to use.

The inclinometer calculates tilt angle (inclination) by sensing the acceleration from solid state accelerometers integrated into a monolithic chip.

The Modbus output interfaces directly into the PSM TankView system alongside content or ullage measurements from tank level sensors. These tilt angles are them used as part of the tank table correction calculations by the PSM TankView software to provide a tank gauging measurement corrected for the vessel trim and heel position.

Key Features
  • Accurate and reliable solid state design requires no periodic maintenance or calibration
  • Designed and constructed for arduous applications ensures a long service life
  • Interfaces directly into the PSM TankView Modbus marine tank gauging system

For further information and technical details on our networked absolute inclinometer, please download our datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.