KD-LG Series Liquid Level Gauge

KD-LG Series of Liquid Level Gauges

The KD-LG series of flat glass level gauges and reflex glass level gauges provide a simple to install, maintenance free and low cost solution for the visual measurement of liquids in ship’s tanks.

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Two designs with connection, scale and valve options for marine applications

There are two models in the KD-LG series and should be chosen according to the liquid to be measured.

KD-FLG Flat (Transparent) Glass Level Gauge

Are constructed using a completely transparent glass (without reflex markings) with a reflective layer behind.  The liquid level is viewed against this background.

Flat glass level gauges are used when the  liquid is opaque (blocks light).  They are also commonly used for measuring the levels in a liquid + liquid interface.   They are suitable for low temperature and low pressure applications with fluids such as fuel or lubricating oil and and oil / water interfaces.

KD-RLG Reflex Glass Level Gauge

Are constructed using a glass with a reflective layer behind.  The glass has a series of groves cut into its inside surface that act as prisms.

Light entering the gauge is internally refracted and lost where there is liquid present behind the front glass, but conversely is reflected back where there is no liquid present behind the front glass.  Thus the level measurement is seen as a grey column (liquid) with a white column (air) above.

Reflex glass level gauges are used when the liquid is transparent.  They are commonly used for measuring the levels of drinking water or high temperature and high pressure boiler feed water.

For further information and technical details, please download our DATASHEET12D KD-FLG flat glass level gauge, DATASHEET 13D KD-RLG reflex glass level gauge our KD-FLG-Manual, KD-RLG-Manual  or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Features
  • Direct measurement of liquid levels in the tank under process temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Connection length and scale graduation & markings manufactured to suit each application.
  • Wide range of process connections and valve options.
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, marine bronze  and borosilicate glass construction ensures
    compatibility with common marine fluids such as fuel oil, seawater and bilge waste.
  • Designed, constructed and type approved for marine duty by the BV certifying authority.
  • Robust and reliable with no requirement for routine service or calibration.