KD-MLG Series Magnetic Float Level Gauge

KD-MLG Series Magnetic Float Liquid Level Gauges

For those looking for magnetic float level switch, PSM’s KD-MLG series of magnetic level gauges provide a simple to install, maintenance free and low cost solution to the visual measurement of liquids in ship’s tanks.

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High visibility magnetic level measurement in a robust and reliable design

The magnetic float level gauge operates using a float, with an internally sealed magnet, that rises and falls inside the tubular chamber connected at the top and bottom to the storage tank.

Floats are specifically calibrated to match the conditions of the vessel. The density, operating pressure and temperature are taken into account, ensuring that the measured level is accurate and repeatable.

On the outside of the magnetic float level switch is a vertical indicator rail housing a series of indicator flappers.  Each of the coloured flappers contains a small magnet which rotates through 180’, changing its coloured face from white to red, when passed by the magnet within the float.

The indication rail is interlocked by the individual magnets in each of the flaps, which ensures a stable indication under the most severe operating conditions such as vibration, fast changes in liquid level (surging) and de-gassing / boiling of the product.

Optional side-of-chamber modules are available on our magnetic level gauges to provide a switch point or continuous (mA) output.

Key Features
  • Higher visibility of liquid level with no external power requirements compared to glass tube level gauges.
  • Float SG, connection length, scale graduation & markings constructed to suit each application.
  • Wide range of DIN, JIS & ANSI pattern process connections.
  • Stainless steel float and chamber construction ensures compatibility with common marine fluids for safe installation and operation.
  • Designed, constructed and type approved for marine duty.
  • Robust and reliable with no requirement for routine service or calibration.

For more information on our magnetic level gauges and magnetic float level switches please download our KD-MLG Magnetic Float Level Gauge datasheet, or contact us to discuss in more detail.