KD Series Mechanical Marine Float Level Switch

KD Series Mechanical Marine Float Level Switch

Our marine float level switches, whether horizontally or vertically mounted, provide high-level or low-level detection of liquids in all vessels. We offer a wide range of float level switch models, including Mobrey replacements, to suit each specific application.

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Horizontal or Vertical Mounting

The KD12 float level switch is mounted horizontally in the tank wall, and uses a cylindrical float with a magnet attached to the end of the lever arm that activates a reed type magnetic microswitch in the electrical connection housing as the float rise or falls.

The KD30 float level switch is mounted vertically in the tank roof and uses a collar float with an internal magnet that activates a reed type microswitch in the stem of the switch as the float rises or falls. Collars located on the stem limit the travel of the float (or floats on a multipoint switch) and ensure that the float holds the reed switch in the energised position while the alarm condition is present.

For either KD series switch type an external test handle allows checking of the switch operation from outside the tank irrespective of actual liquid level.

For further information and technical details on our marine float level switches, including Mobrey float level switch replacements, please download our  KD Series Mechanical Marine Float Level Switch datasheet, our manuals MANUAL-041-KD12a-Float-Switch, MANUAL-043-KD30-Float-Switch, our general arrangement drawings S1289a-KD30-1A-W-T-float-switch, S1339A-KD12-HD-W-A-float-Switch or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Features
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting versions available
  • Replacement solutions for Mobrey products that fail in service
  • Rugged construction suitable for harsh marine environments
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • Marine Type approved
  • Explosion proof models available ATEX EEXd
  • Manual switch test facility